Reimagining Healthcare


Smarter Technologies, healthier outcomes.

Active HealthTech provides access to the latest smart technologies within healthcare to support healthier outcomes for all. We exclusively work with leading technology solutions to leverage both patient and commercial success. Closely following the healthcare trends, we understand the strain of the current environment, Active HealthTech has actively sought to provide support to the industry, with solutions that save time and capital.

From intelligent asset management systems to intuitive respiratory support technology, our solutions focus on healthier outcomes for all.  With the growth of telehealth and digital health, we expect to meet both the demand and expectations set by the industry. 


 Revolutionary Asthma Management 

Smarter, safer and streamlined, RespiTrak is the future of Asthma Management. RespiTrak is an app that works with a Smart Peak Flow meter on an individual smartphone to simplify asthma management. Helping to provide better asthma outcomes for all, with integration capabilities to inform healthcare professionals to leverage better patient care.